Company Overview

Abvarzan Consulting Engineers Company has started its professional activities in the fields of water resources, River engineering, agricultural irrigation and drainage, environment and watershed management in 1988. Thereafter, the company significantly developed the range of its activities benefiting from qualification and ranking certificates obtained from the Managements and Planning Organization of Iran (MPO) and its qualified human resources, the Company has conducted a large number of projects which we are proud of their contributions in agricultural development, Continuous upgrading quality of the services, in time and quick response to the obligations envisaged in the contracts and in time response to commitment against clients are immutable principles of the Abvarzan Consulting Company. In accordance with these Principles, all activities of the Company, including activities in Technical Office, Contract Assessment Office and the Project Control Unit are continuously assessed and controlled.

As the result of the adopted policies, the Company has obtained the Quality Management Certificate, ISO-9001: 2000  in 2005 and by upgrading it to ISO-9001: 2015 , Environmental Management System ISO-14001: 2015, Occupational Health & Safety Management ISO-45001: 2018, Guidance on Project Management ISO-21500:2012 from Moody International (MIC) and has continued this trend. The Company is a member of and collaborate with scientific and trade associations including Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers (IRSCE), Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID), Iranian National Committee on Large Dams (IRCLD), Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization (ANREO), Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC) and Society of Iranian Value Engineering (SIVE).